Friday, June 5, 2020
Region 10 USA Boxing May 1st Meeting Minutes
Region 10
Regular Annual Meeting

In person
Date: May 1st 2015
Time: 4:00 

1) Call to Order: Gloria Jensen
Roll call: President - Mike Kilmer: Not present, Vice President - Bert Herrera: Not present, Secretary/Treasurer: Gloria Jensen: Present

2) Minutes of the last meeting read by Gloria Jensen
Approval of the Last Minutes (May 11th 2014)
Motion to accept by Eddie Martinez and seconded by Duran Cafero
All in favor...yes

3) Financial Report as of (May 1st 2015) by Gloria Jensen
$1400.00 in account – Art Montoya made motion to accept the financial report and Duran Cafero seconded the motion.
All in Favor…yes

4) Old Business
Report on last years JO National Tournament was given by Clayton Jensen. He stated that Montana did not go to Nationals at all and that Jairo Perez and Eli Trujillo of Wyoming lost by points in their first round of competition.

FB sites were set up for information, South Dakota Amateur Boxing, Wyoming Amateur Boxing, North Dakota Amateur Boxing, Montana Amateur Boxing, and Region 10 Amateur Boxing. The Reason for each separate state and the Region page is two fold. 1st is that people that are searching Face Book for information on ‘boxing’ in a specific State, and 2nd is that they can all share from their own states. Mike shares everything via posts on all 5 sites to try and keep everyone informed. All were encouraged to use the sites and look for information there.

Training Camps and Sparring Sessions were discussed. The coaches like the idea being implemented and feel that the training camps and sparring sessions have helped to encourage and strengthen the boxers as well as their teams. Wyoming and South Dakota have been working together on the training camps. We have three committed coaches to put on the training camps who are Clayton Jensen, James Manzanares and Stoney Kilmer.

Nationals to be in Charleston, West Virginia, June 8-10, 2015, 
We discussed who would be going. Black Foot Nation from Montana stated that he was prepared to go, pending the outcome of his boxers here at the Regional Tournament. I made it clear that we do not have funds for the Prep Nationals. Only that we have the $1100.00 to disburse among the Region’s Junior Olympic advancing boxers. To make sure all paperwork is turned in by May 30, 2015

5) New Business
Next years bid for the Regional JO Tournament falls to South Dakota. The money for the bid is 1200.00 and is due on June 1st 2015. If the bid is not fulfilled by June 1st the bid will again open automatically and go up on Facebook pages stating the time the bidding will be closed. 

6) Other Business
Coach Frank Kipp from the Black Foot Nations stated that he would like to see all ‘uncontested boxers’ receive an award. I assured him that all boxers would receive a trophy or a medal. Those actually competing during the course of the weekend would receive one or both. 

7) Announcements
Announcement was made that Great Falls, Mt. is hosting a Novice Show on May 16-17, all are welcome. Contact Mark LaPier for more information.

8) Adjourn
Motion to adjourn Duran Caferro and seconded by Eddie Martinez
All in favor…yes