Friday, June 5, 2020
Wyoming Events and Info


Board of Directors 2013

Wyoming LBC President                                                                                   Wyoming LBC  Vice President
Clayton Jensen                                                                                                Nellie Pacheco
680 Long Lane                                                                                                 707 E 7th Street
Casper, WY 82609                                                                                          Cheyenne, WY 82007
307-259-0346                                                                                                 307-630-9045                                                                  

Secretary/Treasurer/Registration Chair                                                         Chief of Officials
James Kinsman                                                                                               Gloria Jensen
3520 Teton St.                                                                                               680 Long Lane
Casper, WY 82609                                                                                         Casper, WY 82609
307-333-3864                                                                                                307-259-3243                                                                 

State JO Coordinator                                                                                      State Silver Gloves Director
Ray Montoya                                                                                                   Nellie Pacheco
231 Norma Ct.                                                                                                707 E. 7th Street
Cheyenne, WY 82007                                                                                      Cheyenne, WY 82007
307-630-2519                                                                                                 307-630-9045                                                                                 

State Golden Gloves Director                                                                         Region 10 Secretary/Treasurer
Lawrence Padilla                                                                                            Gloria Jensen
805 Center Street                                                                                           680 Long Lane
Rock Springs, WY 82901                                                                                 Casper, WY 82609
307-389-0218                                                                                                 307-259-3243                                                        

Region 10 President                                                                                       Region 10 Vice President
Mike Kilmer                                                                                                    Bert Herrera
804 Lawrence St.                                                                                           505 Donnel
Belle Fourche, SD 57717                                                                                Rawlins, WY. 82301
605-641-0090                                                                                                307-324-6070                                                                         



Coaches and Officials

Seminar on new USA Boxing Rules Given by AIBA Official, This Seminar is being provided to you the opportunity to be in compliance with USA Boxing mandate that states that no one will be able to Officiate after June 8th until this seminar has been taken. A MUST for USA Boxing Officials. Coaches are welcome.

Where: Casper, Wyoming

Date: Saturday - June 8th

Time:12-4   Lunch will be provided

Location: 642 S. Wolcott

Please contact Gloria Jensen If you plan to attend

Phone: 307-259-3243


Final day of boxing at the Regional JO's in Casper, Wyoming.
13-14 Age Division
Giovanni Trevino (Wy) def Riley Buck, (MT)
Gerado Lopez (Wy) def Derek Reed, (MT)
Elijah Mata (Wy) def Blacke Gierke (MT)
Ariel Ramirez (Wy) defHailey Troxel (MT)
8 age Division
Leo Ojeda (Wy) def Dallin Taylor (Wy)
9-10 age Division
Lizbeth Garcia (Wy) def Kylie Kilmer (SD)
Isaha Dobbins (Wy) def Victor Torres (Wy)
9-11 age Division
Courtney Reed (MT) def Monica Garcia (WY)
10-11 Age Division
Mychael Mascaranas (Wy) def Justin Nations (Wy)
Oscar Martinez (Wy) def Diego Ojeda (Wy)
Vincent Rangel (MT) def Cristobal Miranda (Wy)
13-14 Age Division
Giovanni Trevino (Wy) def Riley Buck, (MT)
Gerado Lopez (Wy) def Derek Reed, (MT)
Elijah Mata (Wy) def Blacke Gierke (MT)
Ariel Ramirez (Wy) defHailey Troxel (MT)
Jordan Boyd (MT) def Rico Del Grande (Wy)
David Bush (Wy) def Jorge Sotomajor (Wy)
Mitchell Porter (MT) def Garreth Odlin (MT)
14-15 Age Division
Isaha Tafoya (Wy) def Axle Alverez (Wy)
15-16 age division
Steven Bad Milk (SD) def Skylar Johnson (Wy)
Theila Eisenbraun (Wy) def McKayla Hamilton (MT)
Bobby Reay (Wy) def Jake Logar (Wy)
Yazmini Trombley (MT) def Rhian Miller (Wy)
Eli Trujillo (Wy) def Kan Fedfro (MT)
Cody Woslager (MT) def Cody Grady (SD)
Drayden Maes (Wy) def Arlen Janis (SD)
Trini Brown Eyes (SD) def Manny Lopz (MT)
Wrylee Padilla (Wy) def Jerrelle Big Hair (MT)
17-18 Age Division
Ricky Baca (Wy) def Nathan Reed (Wy)

  Walkover Champions from Regional Jo'Tournamnet in Casper, Wy

 13-14 Age Division

  75lb  Giovanni Trevino (Wy)

  80lb  Gerardo Lopez Jr. (Wy)

  85 lb  Derek Reed (Wy)

  90lb  Elijah Mata (Wy)

  106lb Meranda Gierke (MT0

  114lb Hailey Troxel (MT)

  114 lb Kaleb Grady (SD)

  119lb Jorday Boyd (SD)

  125lb  Axle Alvarez (Wy

  145lb Michel Proter (MT)


 15-16 Age Division

  95lb Blake Gierke (MT)

  101lb Jairo Perez (y)

  114lb  Isaiah Tafoya (Wy)

  119lb  Eli Trujillo (Wy)

  125lb  Drayden Maes (Wy)

  132lb Bobby Reay (Wy)

  138lb  Wrylee Padilla (y)

  145lb  Cody Waslges (MT)

  154lb Trini Brown Eyes (SD)

  Female 15-16 Age Division

  McKayla Hamilton (MT)